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Pub Garden Social Evening at The Millstream Hitchin

Sat 2 September

An informal social evening at the Millstream in Hitchin - hopefully if the weather is nice we'll have a large table in the garden! These nights are great for having a chat over a drink and meeting new people. All in a very easy going atmosphere.

** New People Welcome **

If you'd like to come along, please give us a call on 01438 231550 or come down to the Stevenage Club night on the Thursday before (31 Aug) and register your interest.

Here's a few questions we are often asked...

Q. Is there a dress code? A. No - casual

Q. What drinks do people typically have? A. Whatever you like - quite a few have soft drinks due to driving, but beer and wine are also enjoyed.

Q. How many people will there be? A. It varies quite a bit but typically between 8 and 16 people.

Q. What is the typical age range? A. from early 30's to mid-late 40's.

Q. Is there a cost? A. No - only the drinks you buy at the bar.

Fancy a night out?

Join us on Thursdays and Saturdays and open the door to a fun and busy social life - choice of light hearted events on Thursdays and a variety of social events for Saturday nights
  • Friendly and fun atmosphere
  • Thursday evenings: Team games - fun not serious!
  • Saturday nights: Varied social events
  • Chance to get involved in helping to organise events
  • Great way to make new friends
  • N.B. Age Range 25 - 45
If you'd like more information please call 01438 231550

Aged 25 - 45?

No longer will you need to be bored at the weekends or feel like a stranger in a new town - if you are between 25 and 45 then joining Stevenage Plus Social Club is a fantastic way to make new friends and have fun in a friendly, easy going atmosphere.

Imagine having a choice of a wide range of organised social events such as parties, quizzes, restaurants, discos, UK trips, sports events and even holidays abroad. And whether you choose to take part in all, or just a few events, you will always be made to feel welcome.

On Thursday evenings we play a variety of light-hearted games or take part in fun-quizzes - nothing too serious. It's done in teams, and who wins doesn't matter.

On Saturdays there is a varied programme of events such as bowling, dog racing, eating out in local restaurants or having a good party. Thursdays are always at our club venue in Stevenage, while on Saturdays the social event may be around the Stevenage, Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock area, or further afield.

We are currently a fairly small Stevenage based friends group of about 25 members aged from late 20's to mid 40's, and are looking to increase the number of members over the next few months. So if you're from Stevenage, Hitchin, Baldock, Letchworth or anywhere close and would like to make new friends and meet new people while having a good time, come along to Stevenage this Thursday evening and give it a try.

If you'd like more information please call 01438 231550

Coming down for the first time

It's always slightly nerve-racking going to places for the first time, and we understand that. You are welcome to email in advance if you have any specific questions, but really nothing quite beats just giving it a try.

If you arrive at around 8.15pm then there will be a few people in the bar area who will give you a bit more information about the club, and it's a perfect opportunity to ask any questions.

You can't join until you've been down 4 times, so there is no pressure to make any decisions.

Programme of events

August 2017

Date Event
Thursday 3rd Multiple Choice (JE)
Saturday 5th Afternoon Tea, Letchworth and Cinema, Stevenage (TS/SS)
Thursday 10th Blockbusters (BA)
Saturday 12th Nirvana Indian Restaurant (Roebuck Inn) (SS)
Thursday 17th Keep or Change (Terry)
Saturday 19th Classic Ibiza at Knebworth House (TS/SS) or BBQ (LG)
Thursday 24th Newmarket (PH)
Saturday 26th Takeaway Night (KLP/MH)
Sunday 27th Picnic (KLP/MH)
Thursday 31st Quiz (SF)

September 2017

Date Event
Saturday 2nd Pub Garden Social Evening at The Millstream Hitchin (SS)
Thursday 7th On Vacation (BA)
Saturday 9th BBQ (JE)
Thursday 14th Taboo (Tom)
Saturday 16th Sala Thong, Stevenage (Thai Restaurant) (KLP/MH)
Thursday 21st General Knowledge Quiz 2017 (PH)
Saturday 23rd Walk Down Old Train Line/Canal Route and Meal (BA)
Thursday 28th Puzzling (Terry)
Saturday 30th One Pub Only - Cultivo Lounge, Letchworth (TS/SS)

October 2017

Date Event
Thursday 5th Make Sense of It (HB)
Saturday 7th Meal (venue to be confirmed) (SS)
Thursday 12th Questions (KLP)
Saturday 14th Sitcom Night (HB/EGB)
Thursday 19th Chinese Charades (Tom)
Saturday 21st The Grapevine, Letchworth (Turkish Restaurant) (TS/SS)
Thursday 26th Werewolves (PH or Tom)
Saturday 28th Flaming Spuds (TBC) (PH/CH)

Where we meet

Come and see us on Thursday at the Holiday Inn Express in Stevenage Town Centre, with the evening starting at 8.30pm, and finishing around 10pm, although you are welcome to stay afterwards for drinks.

As you come in through the front door, turn immediate left to get to the room. There is a nice bar with comfy seating which sells reasonably priced drinks. Please see the map below if you need directions.

Here is the location of the Holiday Inn Express in Stevenage - it is directly opposite the library, and there is free parking at the back of the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much?

The price for a Thursday night event is just £2, while at the weekend it really depends on what event is on, so for example a house party would not really cost anything while a meal out or bowling would be the normal prices.

Annual membership is £10 in the first year and £20 thereafter, which entitles you to come down to any Stevenage event, and to any event organised by other groups around the UK.


Entry is FREE on your first Thursday night, and you can come down 4 times before deciding whether to join or not.

So come down on Thursday and give it a try!

Who joins?

The club has members from Stevenage, Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock and the surrounding areas.

Although we are a friends group rather than a singles club, we do have a good mixture of singles and couples.

Everyone between 25 and 45 is welcome to come along.

What happens when I'm 45?

As long as you have joined before 45, you are welcome to stay and keep coming along.

Similar clubs around the country?

As well as Stevenage group, there are several other friends groups around the country, and if you go on any of the weekends away, you'll meet people from these other social groups as well as from Stevenage.

Any questions?

If you have any questions before you come down please call 01438 231550 or send an email to Stevenage Plus at .

We have members mainly from Hertfordshire including Stevenage, Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock and Welwyn.

Ages: 25 to 45.

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